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Born in the Veneto Region (Northern Italy), GenitoriPiù is a Regional and National Program based on early child development, and a life course approach in the first “1000 days”, for equity, a healthy start of life and for a family, community and health worker’s empowerment.
Parents are the protagonists of Children’s health: from the moment they decide to conceive, day by day, during pregnancy, step by step during their first years. At every stage the care that only a caring and well-informed parent can give, is extremely important.
For this reason, the Program GenitoriPiù promotes evidence based Actions for child’s health:
1. If you want to get pregnant, plan ahead
2. Do not drink alcohol during  pregnancy and breastfeeding
3. Do not smoke during pregnancy andaround your baby
4. Protect your baby before and after birth,at home and outside
5. Breastfeed your baby
6. Place your baby to sleep on his back
7. Protect your baby with vaccinations
8. Read a book with your baby
It is also important for parents to take care of themselves: their wellness is also their babies’ wellness!
Every single action protects a baby from more than one problem. All together, these actions represent a health capital for the future. 
GenitoriPiù has succeeded to create in the Veneto Region, and, together with the Ministry of Health, all over Italy, a network for promoting the 8 actions through marketing campaigns alongside continuous training of health workers.
The Program has carried out recurring surveys for evaluating knowledge and behaviours of parents but also of health workers, until the creation, together with Superior Institute of Health (ISS) of a Surveillance System on Early Life and Early Health Inequalities.

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